RAIL WARS! Light Novel Volume 1
Book 978-4881441503 Cover
Type Light Novel
ISBN ISBN 978-4-88-144150-3
Release Date January 16, 2012
Publisher Sohgeisha / Sohgeisha Clear Bunko
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The first volume of Rail Wars! Nihon Kokuyuu Tetsudou Kouantai light novel series was released on January 16, 2012.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

This is a parallel story in the future, where the railways weren't privatized. I am very normal high school boy who dreams of working in good railway company, Naoto Takayama. After such a training, I am finally assigned into the 'Railway Public Safety Corps' made of individualistic peoples☆ Moreover, behind the scenes extremists bent on unprivatization of the national railways to "RJ"…what will happen? I finally set the destination of my life! Set in another Japan where the railways weren't privatized, a dream railways paradise entertainment! The publication progress on time.


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